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Web Design & Development

Just beginning your web career and not sure how the whole process works? Then this is a good place to start. In this course, students will learn the basics to advance website design. Do you know how to earn money from online? If you become a good web designer Then you can earn more money from different kind of freelancing site. Such as freelancer.com, upwork.com , guru.com and fiverr.com etc. So no late come to our office learn more and earn more.

Class 1:
* What Is Html?
* How To Use Html?
* Introduction to Html Tags
* How use Subline Text & NeatBean IDE for coding.
* All The Common Html Tags And Attributes

Class 2:
* All html tags practice
* Working with html table
* Working with html form
* Make Login and Registration form using html

Class 3:
*Exam 1: Previous two class Content

*Introduction to Html5
*Why use Html5?
*Introduction to html5 tags.
* Practice with new html5 tags
* Necessary Html5 Tags For A Standard And Responsive Website
* How To Make Html5 All Browsers  Friendly
* Some Assignments and Resources Will Be Provided To Practice

Class 4:
* Presentation Home work Assignments
* How to Connect CSS with Html.
* How Many Ways To Write Css Styles
* Introduction to CSS class
* Introduction to css property
* Working with Background color
* Working with border, padding, margin etc


Class 5:

* What Is Css3
* Difference Between Css And Css3
* What Is The New Styles Of Css3
* Working with CSS3 gradient effect & transition effect.
* Css3 Animations

* All The New Css3 Elements
Class 6:

*Exam 2: Previous Two Class(Content)
*Make Simple Web Layout using html & css
*Project 1:  Make simple web page using html & css

Class 7:

*Presentation Project1
*Working with CSS dropdown menu
*How to using image in html & css

Class 8:
* What Is Javascript
* How To Use Javascript In Html Files
* How to use different kind of image slider in html & css
* How to use image carousel in html & css

Class 9:

* Make Full web site using html , css & javascript
* Home work: Project 2(Full Web site Using html, css & javascript)

Class 10:
Bootstrap Framework:
* Project 2 Reviews

* Introduction to responsive web design
* Why need to use responsive design?
* Introduction to bootstrap css framework for responsive design

Class 11:

* working with bootstrap gird layout, menu, image,
* Working with bootstrap slider, carousel, icon etc
* Try to make full project using bootstrap
* Home work: Project 3: Make website using bootstrap

Class 12:

* Project 3 Reviews
* Bootstrap Practice more …..

* Home Work: Make Portfolio Theme Using Bootstrap

Class 13:
*Basic Photoshop

*PSD to Html
Class 14:

*PSD to Html

Class 15:
* Introduction to WordPress
* Basic WordPress
* How to Make website using wordpress theme

 Class 16:

* WordPress Practice More………

***Make Money Online***

Class 17:

* How to earn money from Online as a web designer?
* How work on freelancer. Com & upwork.com
* Job Applying technique & client manage technic
* How to withdraw money from freelancing site.
* Home Work: Final Project ( Topic: Different Kind of Web Site)

Class 18:

*Final Project Presentation


  • Well Decorated Class Room
  • Per Person One PC
  • Multimedia Projector
  • Each Batch Total 10 Students
  • More Focus on Practical Class & Team Project
  • After training Internship opportunity
  • After successful Internship you can join with our team. (Note: If you prove your skill)

Course Information

  • level: Mid
  • Seat: 15
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Price: 15000tk
  • 3 Month Intern Period.
  • Email: training@llcgroupbd.com
  • Contact: +880244810015 or +8801550019896(24/7)